How to Create a Competitive Analysis and Increase Your Market Share
One of the best ways to outperform your competition is to understand how you differentiate your products or services from those of your competition. By completing a competitive analysis you will learn how you differentiate yourself from you competitors, where to focus your sales, marketing and business development activities so that you maximize the exploitation of your competitive advantage to gain market share from your competition.
This article shows you an easy approach to completing a competitive analysis.

5 Steps to Outpace Your Competition
A down market tends to create fierce competition for clients. Even in a battleground playing field, you can find opportunities to grow your business if you hone your company's competitive skills. Here are five steps to improve your competitive advantage and grow your business in today's challenging marketplace:

  1. Know Your Industry
  2. Know Your Competitors
  3. Exploit Your Differentiation
  4. Innovate
  5. Deploy Predatory Tactics

Six Critical Elements of Long-Range Strategic Planning
Does your company have a five-year strategic plan? Long-range plans are vital for sustained growth because they define and align common objectives, goals and results.

4 Areas of CEO Focus
Today I am advising my CEO clients to focus their attention on 4 areas...

Harness the Power of a Business Plan
There are two ways to harness the power of a business plan to generate more profits from you business.

The 4 Critical Elements of a Strategic Planning Retreat
The 4 critical elements of a successful strategic planning retreat are defined and detailed in this article.

Today's Economy Mandates Strategic Alignments
In today's economy it is more critical than ever for you to take the pulse of your organization.

Sample Account Sales Plan
A sample of a sales account plan that corresponds to the article "The 9 Crucial Elemenets of Sales Account Planning"

The 9 Crucial Elements of Sales Account Planning
Sales account planning can help your company increase its market share, revenues, clients and profits by focusing your sales and new business development efforts on profitable clients, products and services. Successful account planning requires more than just filling out a form. It requires strategic thinking, strategic planning and a clear understanding of what your client needs. Protect your current clients and gain new clients by completing sales account plans immediately. Sales account planning provides your sales team with a strategy on how to meet the demands and expectations of your current clients so that you can retain their revenues each year. Having an account plan for your key clients also helps protect them from your competitors.