Client Testimonials: Restructuring Business Operations

“Barry helped me to understand more clearly what it means to think like a CEO; helped me to gain clarity in role descriptions for the financial operations of the business.”

“I utilized Barry as "an extension of my CEO desk" using him to walk me through each step of restructuring the financial operational roles and systems; he outlined and implemented a model for deploying global strategic goals throughout every strata of the company. Barry was able to do this in a very unobtrusive and seamless fashion. It was surprisingly easy and he always made it fun too-I did not expect that in a restructuring exercise!”

—Ferris/Turney Contractors, Rod Ferris, Owner, Seattle, WA

“As my business expanded both in revenue and geography I realized that I needed to change my management style from that of a controlling top-down approach to more of a collaborative style. I used Barry as "an extension of my CEO desk.”

“Barry advised and guided me through a systematic process to truly manage my staff. I began somewhat overwhelmed with management challenges and Barry showed me how to organize my staff, set attainable goals, and then to deploy them to my group in a simple and effective way.”

—Western Integrated Technologies, William Hill, President/Owner, Bellevue, WA