Client Testimonials: Sales Account Planning

“It is obvious to me that, especially in these economic times, every organization would be best served to create formal account business plans. Taking a strategic, systematic, proactive approach to marketing to existing and new clients will be the key to any organization's efforts to succeed in this down-cycle. It certainly has created an awareness of the clients we wish to target, and results in an environment where everyone knows their tasks, timelines and expected outcomes that will drive success.”

“Using Barry's approach we were able to accomplish this goal (building a business model) in a very short period of time, in a format that was very straight forward. Most importantly the information presented was very factual, and in just a few months has given us a very realistic future picture of our upcoming cash flow and cash flow needs. We now have the resource information available to make intelligent future financial plans as to the growth requirements of the company.”

—CollinsWoerman Architects, David O'Brien, Director of Operations, Seattle, WA

“The enthusiasm I have for creating Customer Account Plans (utilizing Barry's basic account planning toosl)is because they enable both our Account Managers (outside sales) and the Customer Service Representatives (inside sales) to focus their combined efforts on the individual customer needs and the opportunities that are available to us. That is team work! I see this program being a big part in securing our future growth.”

—H. Austin Kravik, President EF Bailey Company, Seattle, WA