2nd Edition -Revised and Expanded

Achieving Strategic Alignment™

How To Harness Its Power to Exceed Your Organizational Goals

By Barry MacKechnie

Extending the CEO's Desk™

Your business is unique, your people are unique, your organization's culture is unique and you as a CEO run your business according to your style of management. I bring the experience I have gained through my work with over 450 organizations into your organization as I help you take the steps towards Achieving Strategic Alignment™.

I take the time to understand all of those unique attributes that shape your company and how you compete in your industry. I apply my 40+ years of CEO/CEO Advisor experience to your organization and get personally involved in the challenges you and your team face on a daily basis. By utilizing my Achieving Strategic Alignment™ approach I will help you and your organization change the way it works.

My process for helping you achieve your goals includes guiding you through the preparation, completion and follow up from a strategic planning session. I work closely with you and your executive team while you set the future for your company during your strategic planning session. I provide you with new tools and follow up agendas that will help drive the achievement of your strategic plan goals down through 100% of your organization. Achieving Strategic Alignment™ is accomplished when you have every resource of your organization focused on reaching your company goals.

Through my personal involvement with my clients I have been able to provide them with the following services:

“Barry MacKechnie's Strategic Alignment process has been transformative to our business and the impact to me as the CEO has been astounding.” » Read full quote
—Eric LeBow, CEO, Spanlink Communications, Inc. Minneapolis, MN